Truck Driving Ban: 10.12.2021 - Republic of Slovakia


00:00 - 24:00

Driving ban:



  • Class III streets


  • Trucks and combinations of vehicles over 12 t gross vehicle weight

Further information:

Exceptions 1. Buses, camper vans, vehicles belonging to armed forces; security forces, the military, military police, the fire brigade and rescue services, other fire brigade units, military intelligence services and the Slovakian Information Service. 2. Vehicles for transporting medical materials, drugs and biological materials to a medical institution or for maintaining production of medicine in a medical institution. 3. Vehicles used for loading or unloading ships, train carriages or aircraft as part of combined transport. 4. Vehicles for refuelling petrol stations. 5. Vehicles transporting hazardous goods. 6. Vehicles for sporting and cultural events. 7. Vehicles transporting humanitarian aid. 8. Vehicles for managing accidents and their consequences and for helping with natural disasters. 9. Vehicles for roadworks, including maintenance, repair and construction. 10. Vehicles used for major agricultural seasonal transport. 11. Vehicles for transporting foodstuffs or live animals. 12. Vehicles for transport connected to use of vehicles listed in points 2 to 11. In the event that a vehicle is stopped by the police during the ban, the driver must be able to prove that the vehicle is being used for one of the reasons listed above. Note on exceptions: In accordance with regulation 9/2009 Slg. set by the Slovakian Republic Ministry of the Interior: Exceptions to the ban will only be issued in exceptional cases and provided that public safety is not at risk. Regional exceptions are issued by the responsible regional authority in charge of roads. If the exception is to apply to an area larger than that governed by a regional authority, the application for an exception must be made to: Slovak Republic Praesidium of the Police Force Traffic Police Račianska 45 812 72 Bratislava Telephone +421 9610 11111 A fee will be charged for the exception, which will be issued only once documents have been presented that provide proof that the transport is necessary. The authorisation is valid for 30 days.

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