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Content of this website
The content of this website is created with the greatest possible care. TIMOCOM GmbH (hereinafter referred to as TIMOCOM) does not warrant that the information provided on this website is entirely correct and up to date in all cases. Use of the online content is at the user’s own risk. Contributions identified by name reflect the opinion of the author in question and not always TIMOCOM’s opinion.

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TIMOCOM will endeavour to offer the online service as free from interruption as possible. But despite every care downtime cannot be ruled out. TIMOCOM reserves the right to change or suspend the offering at any time.

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This website contains links to third-party websites ("external links").

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The relevant author shall be responsible both for advertising content and the content of the website being promoted. Displaying the advert does not constitute endorsement by TIMOCOM.

No contractual relationship
With the exception of the obligatory acceptance of these conditions of use, the use of the TIMOCOM website shall not give rise to any contractual relationship between the user and TIMOCOM. This being so, no contractual or quasi contractual claims against TIMOCOM will be entertained.

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The relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Germany alone shall apply.

(4) Particular conditions of use

Where particular conditions applying to individual uses of this website diverge from points (1) to (3) inclusive mentioned above, this will be explicitly stated at the appropriate point. In this case the particular conditions of use will apply in the specific instance in question.